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A Prototype Meant To Initiate Change

Dream Music Productions is a nationwide entertainment management company built to prepare and connect elite emerging artists, creators, models and entertainment related brands to major opportunities. We go through a meticulous process when it comes to selecting and ultimately adding new clients to our Roster. For example: all interested clients must undergo our Development Program for a minimum of 3 months to gain eligibility for a partnership with Dream Music Productions as their exclusive management team.

Once the entertainer (you) has successfully graduated from the development program you will then be eligible to join our Roster and team officially. When it comes to making Dream Music Productions your official management team we require a contract. Once the contract is signed we get to work and our official partnership starts at which time you will gain access to all the resources, tools, promotion among other things that our team has to offer.

In some cases, clients have successfully graduated from development but did not move forward contractually or Dream Music Productions after having 3 months to work hands on with the entertainer just didn’t feel as though the client took their business serious enough for us to offer a contractual agreement and partnership. When it comes to selecting your management team it takes two. We are looking to build relationships and ultimately discover the next big thing and put those individuals in positions to be successful and win in a difficult industry. When it comes to deciding if we are the right fit for you, you’ll have to look at your business goals and ask yourself: “Am I ready to take my business to the next level and bring on a partner”.


Bringing Your Vision To Life Is Our Goal

We take pride in not only being a link between emerging creators and the music industry, but our staff are passionate, focused and some of the hardest working individuals in their fields making us a key element for our creators success in the entertainment industry. From expert photographers to producers, models and musical artists - we make it easy to bring a complete creative vision to life. Developing talent is our forte.


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Modern-era, Independent Record Label

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Dream Music Productions logo and slogan-
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