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I'm Jimmy Abreu from Caracas, Venezuela


My musical influences are very wide, I like Michael Jackson, Daddy Yankee, Drake, Coldplay, Avicii, La Fania, Ruben Blades, Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz and many more, I also listen to music from the years 80 and I really like African music. I have always wanted to work as a music producer, since I was born making sounds with my mouth, my hands and imagining new songs. I started working professionally with music at 15 years old. I generally rehearse and review the songs in my repertoire to transmit the music with the best energy and security.

I like to compose the different situations that we live and the realities that we sometimes leave aside, as well as the things that make me laugh. I literally can't live without making music. I am so passionate about music that I consider it my language, it helps me express myself, motivate myself and motivate other people. At 17 years old, thank God, I managed to be one of the producers of Jennifer López in  her Spanish single called Ni Tú Ni Yo .  I also managed to get one of my electronic songs to be played throughout my country and even in the Middle East and finally work with the composers of great artists such as T-Pain, JLo, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, Maluma, Daddy Yankee, Wisin and Yandel, among others. My most successful friends in the music industry are Oscarcito, Meggan, Fissher, Maffio, Manybeat, Omar Koonze, they are all amazing songwriters and producers.

I'm sorry that there are a lot of really cool street artists who are underrated and find it difficult to get into the music industry. However, for me success is not being number 1 in music, but I think it is about keeping God first, he gives us peace and everything we need to face anything in life, and when we manage to face everything with your help, we did it. I like to joke around, have fun, run away from toxic environments and I really like to contribute positive things in people's lives. I also like to watch movies from space, study new technologies, read the Bible, share with quality people and visit hidden places in the world. I would like to be vegan and learn many languages. I would love to help all kinds of people a lot, with a job, providing the fundamental things to those who do not have them, with courses so that they also have the opportunity to develop their dreams and take the most appropriate paths to achieve success.

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