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We are proud to offer one of the easiest and most comprehensive affiliate programs available for artists, brands and entertainers like yourself. When you fill out the application below to join our affiliate program you will have the opportunity to become an official brand representative for Dream Music Productions. What this means is once you've selected to join the program, we will build you a custom store page  featuring our best selling merchandise right here on our official website. Your custom store page will offer Dream Music Productions related products such as custom shirts, hoodies, posters, cell phone cases and more. Your page will be branded with your name and contact information so that potential customers can reach out to you about products listed on your page. You get paid when customers visit your unique store page and purchase from a variety of products we sell. As a brand representative you make $10 per sale no matter what!

Music Concert


  • earn and make money at your own pace

  • become part of something special

  • great way to save on our development program

  • help from a professional along the way

  • receive 10% off everything on our store

  • become part of a winning network

  • sell some great products 

  • be in the know of new opportunites

  • earn right from home or work

If you reached this page after deciding to join our Development Program you will be excited to know that joining our Affiliate Program is a great way to raise money for the program in the event your tight on funds. Short on cash? No problem, we put you in the best position to earn the money you need to start the Development Program and get off on the right foot. How does it work? It's simple, all you need to do is share and promote your store page. By doing so you will gain revenue to go towards the cost of your development program with each sale. Say someone makes a purchase from your store in the amount of $49.99 (your development program price will go from $249.99 to $199.99) making it more affordable. Our current brand reps love this program because it allows them to still be a part of our exclusive development program despite not having the money to pay for it. Your friends, family, contacts and associates can show they support you by making a purchase from your store and helping you reach your goals as an artist. By raising the money needed to get on board with our Development Program you will be on well on your way to doing what is necessary to join our Roster. If your excited, interested and feel like the Affiliate Program would be a great fit for you simply fill out the application below and one of our Representatives will get back to you soon!

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