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If you have reached this page it is because you are interested in joining the Dream Music Productions Roster and will be enrolling in our development program for the 2020 academic year. In partnership with Dupree Entertainment, we have created one of the most successful development programs aimed at helping an artist achieve real results. When you make your one time payment, this program assists the development of entertainers & artists by supplying them with a Manager on our team who is then assigned to work with them throughout their selected length of term in order to manage their career, guide them towards success and mold them in to the type of entertainer Dream Music Productions is looking for.


Ultimately we pitch entertainers to major record labels in real life, we know what they want and what they are looking for. You don’t have to have a million followers, you just have to have the right product and the right brand. Through a relationship that is built through communication, exposure to unique tools, music management, digital marketing, promotion and other benefits the Dream Music Productions network provides, we are able to develop music businesses who are then hand selected for exclusive partnerships and opportunities as a member of the official Dream Music Productions roster. To be eligible to join our Roster, all clients and interested members must undergo our development program for a minimum of 3 months. This gives Dream Music Productions the opportunity to build a relationship with the entertainer before partnering up which is important.


It also gives the entertainer an idea of what they would get if they choose to contractually partner with Dream Music Productions at the end of the development program. Dream Music Productions showcases ourselves as the Home of the Underdog and is a music management and promotion company founded in Louisville, Kentucky. Get started by selecting your 'length of partnership' which determines the amount of time a member of our staff is assigned to work with you.


    This exclusive artist development program is powered by DMS Entertainment and our sponsors. For those of you who aren't familiar yet - DMS Entertainment is an entertainment management company that has ushered a plethora of entertainment related brands into major opportunities in their respective industries and specializes in developing musicians, producers, models, dj's, athletes, actors and many other entertainment related brands. Clients who chose from our 90 Day, 180 Day or 365 Day Program will receive exclusive access to a temporary personal music manager and will instantly gain access to all the tools that DMS Entertainment has to offer during your development program duration. This means you will not be asked for more money during this program. We do everything in-house thanks to our wonderful partners allowing our clients to obtain everything in one for one low price. Your assigned manager will work with you and build a relationship with you that is based on trust, goal-setting, analytics and above all expertise in order to reach necessary goals. Our primary goal is to develop artists and address the following areas:


    - brand management
    - artist verification
    - successful song promotion campaigns
    - successful video promotion campaigns
    - successful product promotion campaigns
    - monetizing your music
    - creating merchandise
    - monetizing that merchandise
    - digitally distributing your music
    - acquiring a professional store front
    - studying trends for data driven results
    - gain expertise from an industry professional
    - build up your following
    - get heard and seen by real people
    - license and copyright your music
    - weekly phone consultations and planning

    95% of the entertainment brands we have worked with over the years have undergone our development program and have moved on to obtain exclusive partnerships with our company allowing them to officially be a member of our roster which comes with countless perks and opportunities that aren't available in the Development Program. Plain and simple we want to work with qualified individuals that actually have what it takes to make it to the highest points in their respective industries. This takes dedication and perseverance as well as guidance that our company has continued to champion over the course of our legacy. Choosing the right program for you can be as simple as analyzing your budget or as difficult as deciding how long you really need to undergo development in order to fully be prepared for major opportunities that come your way. We are the experts and we are ready to assist you!


    Q. What happens after I pay?

    A. You will receive an email

    Q. What is in the email?

    A. Payment confirmation and Package Details

    Q. Then What?

    A. You are assigned a specialist

    Q. How long does that take?

    A. This takes just 48 hours

    Q. Okay then what?

    A. Phone consultation is scheduled

    Q. What happens on the phone?

    A. You and your manager talk strategy

    Q. What happens after we talk strategy

    A. You talk about your short & long term goals

    Q. Then what happens after that?

    A. We start working towards those goals

    Q. Are those the goals mentioned above?

    A. Depending on where the artist is at in their career we fill the void of what's missing from your current strategy and start effectively building your fan base and growing your brand

    Q. How long do I get to work with you?

    A. Depending on your program selection we will work with you for 3 Months, 6 Months or One Year.

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